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About Nick Papadopoulos

Nick co-founded Physipod in 2010 as a start up business primarily trading in niche products he designed for his own clinical applications. His innovations were inspired from his 30+ year experience as a hands-on podiatrist and his interpretation of what was currently being supplied in the industry. The format of PhysiPod’s product range has aimed to merge the concepts of pre-fabricated ‘direct to consumer’ generic offerings with customisable, clinically tested and developed podiatry & physiotherapy solutions. In Nick’s suburban podiatry clinic, the bulk of his case load fell into this mid-range segment, needing something more tailored to their condition but finding the complete custom lab based solutions to be unnecessary. PhysiPod strives to close the gap in this market to ensure that all clinicians have the tools available to make treatment as seamless and effective as possible for their patients whilst providing patients with affordable, medical grade treatment options. Background: Nick graduated from La Trobe University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice. He enjoys all aspects of Podiatry, particularly musculoskeletal pathology and sport injuries.


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