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  • Non Slip Socks

    $12.50 Including GST
    Ideal for barefoot activities such as Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi and anyone at risk of falls . As part of our sock range, PhysiPod is proud to introduce our Non-Slip Socks. These are an ankle sock with several features for comfort, hygiene and safety. The socks are designed for anyone doing barefoot exercise classes and or, anyone at risk of falling. Class work such as Yoga, Tai-Chi, Pilates, Body Balance are all great examples of where you would use these socks. Exercise mats can often harbour unwanted bacteria, so to be safe and hygienic, take your own socks with you.
    They can also be used for the Elderly in Nursing Homes & Hospitals. The gel dots cover the entire underfoot of the sock and still have you covered when you are standing on your toes. The unique Gel Dots give you superior GRIP and stability whilst exercising and do not wash off !! The socks have a full Terry Base for comfort and support; Ribbed Arch support for added stability and to avoid ‘Sock Roll' Knitted Open Wear Mesh for breathability, wicking and improved circulation; Large Gel Dots for GRIP and traction. Made of : 80% Natural Cotton for comfort, softness and breathability; 15% Polyester for longevity; 5% Elastane for improved fit and shape retention. PhysiPod's Non-Slip Socks allow you to walk more safely in socks alone. An example would be a Post-Operative patient who is unable to put on a shoe for whatever reason, (swollen feet; painful feet; bandaged foot; and so on), but needs to be up walking as part of their Rehabilitation. Instead of the shoe but just as safe, try PhysiPod's Non-Slip Socks. Be Safe. Be Comfy. Be Clean.
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    MT8000 Multi Modality Electrical Stimulator

    $495.00 $450.00 Including GST
    Combining 4 modalities into one portable sleek design, numerous applications covering a wide variety of disorders 4 Modalities 1. Interferential therapy (IFT) 2. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) 3. Electrical Muscle Stimulator (EMS) 4. Microcurrent (Micro) IFT CLINICAL APPLICATIONS Pain Relief - Symptomatic relief and management of post surgical/post traumatic and chronic pain. Muscle Stimulation. Increased Local Blood Flow Reduction of Oedema BENEFITS Low skin capacitance at higher frequencies results in greater patient comfort and less stimulation of cutaneous nociceptors. Higher dosage allowed by the ease of transmission results in the current permeating to the deeper tissues and structures, covering a larger area than conventional TENS.
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