For those with feet prone to swelling and circulation problems, we have a range of socks designed to suit your needs. Created for ultimate comfort, PhysiPod socks can be worn on all foot types.

Machine washable and fade resistant, they have been manufactured using premium quality natural cotton to ensure ultimate comfort, breathability, durability and absorbency. Our sock range comes in three forms – the circulation sock, the non-slip sock and the silver sock.

PhysiPod socks have been designed specifically for the swollen, painful, or Diabetic foot, however, they are equally suited for everyday use on the average foot. They have been manufactured using the highest quality natural cotton, to offer comfort, durability, breathability, and absorbency.

The socks have a small percentage of spandex to help the sock retain its shape over time. When distal blood flow is compromised, or oedema is present, the PhysiPod sock is designed to not restrict blood flow any further. The sock’s design has graduated shaping along the shin, progressing to a loose knitted top, with a soft cuff. Making them perfect for problem feet!

The sock’s footbed has a full terry base which cushions the foot, further aiding comfort, absorbency and ventilation. A fine hand finished seam at the toe and heel, avoids irritation of sensitive skin.

Practical and purpose designed for maximum comfort, foot pain or no foot pain, your clients will come back for PhysiPod socks!

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