T.E.N.S., or Trans Cutaneous Electrical Stimulation, has long been used as an effective method of pain relief for chronic, intractable pain and for acute post surgical and post traumatic pain. More recently, it has also been used for obstetric pain relief. The physiological and therapeutic effects of electrical stimulation when applied to innervated muscle can be summarised as follows:

  • Muscle strengthening in healthy and atrophied muscle
  • Facilitation of motor control
  • Maintenance or improvement of joint range of motion
  • Increased muscle metabolism, blood flow, venous and lymph flow
  • Reduction of oedema
  • Accelerated tissue healing
  • Gate effect on both A delta (fast), and C (slow), pain fibres in the posterior horn, due to stimulation of mechanoreceptors.
  • Morphine-type effect on the C fibre system.
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