Balance Disc

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PhysiPod’s Balance Disc is an inflatable cushion used widely by health and fitness professionals for balancing on. It is a versatile tool, great for balance and functional rehabilitation training.

Balance Disc


It is used to improve:

  • proprioception
  • balance
  • range of motion
  • strength.

It can also be used as a dynamic seating device, similar to sitting on a Physio Ball, only more stable than a ball. This has applications for the elderly client who may not be able to sit on a large ball but still requires Core and balance Training.

The textured surface allows greater grip and non-slip functionality. It can be used in conjunction with other training devices such as; another balance board; latex band or tubing,(resistance training); free weights; medicine balls and so on.

Be creative and challenge yourself with a Balance Disc.

Check out our YouTube video for balance Tips!


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