Lower Limb Exercise Kit

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The PhysiPod Lower Limb Home Exercise Kit is a flexible targeted assembly designed to build strength in ankles, knees and legs. The premium grade latex tubing, with dual layer of soft neoprene is designed to cradle your ankle, delivering comfort and strength. This versatile and convenient exercise kit allows you to improve muscle strength, endurance, co-ordination and range of motion.

Lower Limb Exercise Kit


The cuff wraps comfortably around your ankle. The tubing can be conveniently attached to a door jam or around a table leg, making this kit simple, effective and easily transportable wherever you choose to exercise. Target specific muscle groups for excellent results.

Sample exercises are inside. Please seek the advice of your health professional to gain optimal results from your PhysiPod Lower Limb Home Exercise Kit.

1 X Soft Neoprene Premium Ankle Strap/Cuff
1 X Door/Table Attachment
1000mm Exercise Tubing (detachable/interchangeable)


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