Magnetic Shoe Closure AH-MSL

The PhysiPod Magnetic Shoe Closure is ideal for :

  • People struggling to manage everyday problems with tying shoelaces, such as
  • Hand deformities due to Arthritic hands, acquired and traumatic loss or deformities
  • Restricted reach due to Osteoarthritis of the hip or knee
  • Visual loss
  • Motor loss or fine motor problems in all ages
  • Great for kids too young to manage laces
  • Special needs children and adults
  • Easy on for sports, such as tri-athletes
  • Easy lace instructions included
  • Added lace tags to secure lace ends, so no need to tie ends

Designed with very strong magnets to snap close and release easily, but strong enough to keep shoe firm

Sizes: Small and Large

Colours: Black, White and Blue