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Massage Ball Set

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Do you suffer from tired, tense, painful muscles? Do you have tight, ‘knotted’ trigger points in your muscles?

The Spikey Massage Ball Set from Physipod may be your solution.

Massage Ball Set


It’s easy to use, small, transportable, low cost and effective.

The Physipod Massage Balls are designed to soften and reduce muscular tension and improve your flexibility. This reduces joint strain; aids recovery after sport; eases muscular tension and pain. It improves circulation and increases reflex afferent input to the nervous system, (sends ‘Good’ information back to your brain).

The set comprises 2 balls – a 7cm ball, for smaller, more specific locations and a 9cm ball for broader areas.

The sets come in a FIRM density – for those hard core muscles, or a SOFT density – for more general use.

For effective self massage and soft tissue release, use the massage ball
over the following muscle groups:

Gluteal Muscles. Iliotibial Band. Hip Flexors.
Calves. Plantar Fascia. Lumbar Spine.
Upper, Mid and Lower Trapezii. Posterior Rotator Cuff


1. Use over clothing (or progress to bare skin as tolerated).

2. Roll your body backwards and forwards, or up and down over the ball, with whatever pressure you feel comfortable with. Continue for 30-90 seconds. Alternatively, you can adopt a press and hold technique over the most tender site. Hold 5-10 seconds. Release. Repeat 5-10 times.

3. If using over the neck and shoulder areas, you may find it easier to lean against the ball whilst standing against a wall. This way you can easily control how much pressure you are exerting onto the ball, (it gives your legs a bonus workout at the same time!!).

4. If using over the lower back, you can try in standing, against the wall as mentioned above, or lay on the ball on the floor and work the muscle in that position. For the ITB, Hips and Gluts, you must lay on the floor to complete your massage.

5. Continue rolling the Massage ball over the affected area until you feel the muscle soften and relax.

6. Alternatively, get a friend or relative to apply the ball to the affected area in firm circular motions, or in a linear manner along the muscle.


Do not use over broken or fragile skin, or over recent bruising or wound/fracture healing. For injury specific advice, consult your Health Practitioner.

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