Pilates Home Kit

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The PhysiPod Pilates Kit is a compact, versatile, easy to use and functional training kit for peripheral and core strength muscle training. Our premium grade twin latex tubes with foot straps, can be easily attached to either a door jam, table or upright pole. The kit’s compact design allows you to perform your Pilates home routine almost anywhere!

Pilates Home Kit


This kit is fully interchangeable and is usable with your feet or your hands, either standing, lying or kneeling.Insert a pole through the twin loops to convert to a wider choice of exercises. You can choose the resistance band that suits your needs, and progress to greater resistance as you improve. Target specific muscle groups, keep your core muscles engaged and achieve a wide range of fitness goals in the comfort and ease of home.

Sample exercises are included for your interest, however please consult your Health Professional to gain optimal benefit from your Pilates kit.


1 X Door/Table Attachment
800mm Dual Tubing with Clips & Footstraps

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