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Three Quarter Orthotic

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Designed by an experienced Podiatrist and Physiotherapist,  the  PhysiPod Orthotics biomechanically correct foot alignment and offer maximum support to the foot throughout the gait cycle. Using the latest engineering technology and highest quality materials, PhysiPod Orthotics will offer optimum control and comfort in prefabricated Orthotic therapy. Many foot and lower limb complaints can be treated with PhysiPod Orthotics, including;

  • Flat Feet and Over Pronation
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel Spurs
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Ball of foot pain
  • Morton’s Neuroma
  • Knee pains
  • Shin Splints
  • Low Back Pain

Three Quarter Orthotic


The PhysiPod Orthotics offer additional components to optimise your Orthotic and better tailor it to your individual needs. The pack comes with Rear and Forefoot ‘Postings’ of 0˚/2˚and 4˚ to provide additional correction. It also has a Unique Arch Filler, for added arch support and stability.

The Arch Filler has been specifically engineered to fit the arch space perfectly, allowing the Orthotic an immediate conversion from Medium to Firm correction. This is especially useful for those playing high impact sport and for those requiring extra support to the arch.

All of the additions come with a self adhering tape. Simply peel back the paper to reveal the double sided tape and adhere to the base of the Orthotic in the matching indented areas. These features are UNIQUE to PhysiPod and offers you greater value for money, as you are not paying extra for these additions.

To Fit : Slide the Orthotic into the toe space of the shoe until ‘snug’ against the front of the shoe. Lower the rear of the orthotic into the heel space of the shoe. If too long for your shoe, you can simply trim a little off from the forefoot area of the Orthotic, so it can fit into the shoe. Only trim a small section at a time and recheck the fit, so that you do not cut away too much. It is easy enough to trim away a little more but you cannot add back if you trim away too much!

It is important to have the heel of the Orthotic fitting squarely and snugly into the heel of your shoe. (Please note, in runners, you can remove the insole that is supplied with the runner and just use the PhysiPod Orthotic).

Please also note, your Podiatrist or Health professional may provide you with additional information for specific foot problems and should be consulted if you are in doubt . The rear and forefoot postings are to be used for extra correction of the really Flat Foot, or the Over-Pronated Foot, you would need the 2˚ for a moderate correction; or the 4˚ for a stronger correction. If this amount of correction is not required, please use the 0˚ postings.

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