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Tri laminate Heel Raise

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The PhysiPod Tr-Laminated heel raise is designed to offer up to a 10mm raise on the affected side.
It is made of 3 laminated sheets of premium EVA, with a soft Chamois top cover, (anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatments applied). The Tri-Laminated Heel Raise allows for the sheets of EVA to be peeled away to the desired raise height, or conversely, added back in as needed.

The Heel Raise is ideal for:

  1. To increase height in – Functional shortening – Gastroc / Soleal Equinus – Temporary elevation, eg. for Achilles Tendinopathy
  2. To gradually reduce height back to neutral after Tendo-Achilles problems.

Having the ability to use the three levels allows practitioners to phase in/phase out the heel raise by adding back, or removing, when required.


Measure the shortening on the affected side and simply peel back the adhesive tab and insert the desired amount of raise into the heel of the shoe. Push firmly into sole of the shoe to secure the raise in place. If phasing in your heel raise, the removed EVA can be applied back as required. Extra 3M tape is included in the pack for use with re-laminating if needed

Tri laminate Heel Raise

Out of stock


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