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Gel Corn Pads – 6 Pack

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The PhysiPod Gel Corn Pads have been specifically designed and formulated to cushion and protect from painful corns affecting the toes and pressure areas. Corns can develop due to excessive pressure on the foot from footwear. They can be painful and difficult to treat and are often recurring.
The soft gel pad is an oval donut shape, self adherent, with a hole in the centre. The soft pad is designed to contour the toe and foot, providing cushioning around the corn. The pressure area now has immediate relief. Gel Corn Pads may be worn directly on your skin, or applied to the shoe. They are reusable and washable. Wash gently in warm water, no soap. Air dry, this will renew the adhesiveness.

Directions for use:

Apply over the painful area of the foot, or toe, ensuring the corn or pressure spot is within the inner circle of the gel pad

Gel Corn Pads – 6 Pack