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Met Bar Sleeve

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The PhysiPod Met Bar Sleeve has been developed and clinically tested by our Podiatrist to significantly reduce forefoot pressure and overloading associated with a variety of forefoot conditions. The unique structure and shape of the gel pad, lifts and cradles the forefoot and aids in reducing pain and discomfort. This is ideal for Neuromas, Rheumatoid Nodules, Plantar Plate ruptures, Forefoot callous, wearing high heeled shoes and general mechanical complaints.


  1. Slip the sleeve on as you would a sock and place the big toe through the toe-loop.
  2. The L (left) and R (right) indicators should be on the upper part of the foot.
  3. Position the thicker part of the pad just under the forefoot joints, of the 2nd to 4th toes. This will offload the pressure on the forefoot.

CARE: Gently wash by hand as required. Air dry completely before reuse.
Clinically tested to be effective for:

  • Morton’s Neuroma
  • Rheumatoid Nodules
  • Forefoot Callous
  • Plantar Plate rupture
  • General forefoot pains

Formulated Gel designed to offer maximum comfort and support

One size fits most.

WARNING: If you have Diabetes or poor circulation, consult your Medical Professional before using this product. If pain, numbness or discolouration occurs, discontinue use immediately. If foot problems persist, consult your Medical Professional

Met Bar Sleeve


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