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Silver Therapeutic Sock

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PhysiPod’s Silver Therapeutic Socks have been specifically designed for the sweaty or malodorous foot & for the high risk foot, such as the swollen, Diabetic, or Arthritic foot. It is equally comfortable for the Athlete and the High Risk Foot, helping to wick moisture away from the skin, allowing better Thermoregulation and moisture control and relief from Chronic Foot Odour.

The Silver Therapeutic Socks are :

• Strong in Natural Anti Bacterial Protection
• Able to control Athlete’s Foot & Foot Odour
• Able to control Sweaty Feet (Hyperhydrosis)
• Ideal for the High Risk foot- Diabetics/Arthritis
• The Ultimate in Performance & Durability, for Athletes and ‘at risk’ feet
• Superior in design, with ‘Built in Silver Technology’ that cannot be washed off
• Able to Wick moisture for all day freshness & cool dry comfort
• Durable Performance for the Lifetime of the sock
• Seamless toe & heel for comfort
• Ultra Fresh Protection

Step out with confidence and freshness, Treat your Feet, they deserve it.

Silver Therapeutic Sock