4 Channel TENS/EMS

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Combining 2 modalities into one portable sleek design, numerous applications covering a wide variety of disorders

2 Modalities
1. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS)
2. Electrical Muscle Stimulator (EMS)

4 Channel TENS/EMS


This unit is a 4 Channel digital TENS with 42 preset programs, designed to cater for all electrical neuromuscular stimulation applications. The 4 channels can work independently of each other and allow you to treat a larger area in one application. Up to 8 electrodes can be used at one time, thus saving you time and effort when covering larger areas, or multi-site injuries. This unit is easy to use. The clear LCD display, with background lighting, ensures accuracy and ease of program selection. Each program produces different effects suited to a specific application. It can be used for relaxation; pain relief; to decrease muscle spasm; to improve muscular hypertonicity and strength; and increasing local blood circulation.


Electrical Stimulator primarily used for Pain Relief, (low intensity, short impulses).
Electrode placement can be :
1. Over the site of pain and one in the same dermatome, myotome or sclerotome.
2. Over trigger or acupuncture points.
3. Over the line of the peripheral nerve for neuralgia.
4. Over the spinal nerve roots, close to the spine.

Stimulation of both sensory,( afferent), and motor,(efferent), peripheral nerves to reduce pain and improve muscle function.
Therapeutic uses can be summarized as follows:
1. Strengthening of healthy innervated muscle.
2. Strengthening of atrophied (disuse) and denervated muscle.
3. Facilitation of motor control.
4. Maintain or increase joint ROM.
5. Increase muscle metabolism and blood flow.
6. Increase venous and lymphatic flow in adjacent tissues.
7. Reduction of oedema, via muscle pumping effect; change in capillary permeability and changes in interstitial fluid.
8. Accelerated tissue healing.
9. Pain relief via a) Gate Effect on A delta (fast) & C (slow) pain fibres in the posterior horn due to stimulation of mechanoreceptors (A beta) fibres.
b) Morphine (Encephalin) effect on the C fibre system.
c) Morphine (Encephalin) in the midbrain involving serotonin as a transmitter.


INTENSITY: 0mA-60mA into 1000ohm load (60 step, each channel adjusted separately)
POWER SUPPLY: 4 x AAA Batteries


TENS unit.
4x AAA Batteries.
4 sets of leads.
4 pairs of electrodes.
Instruction manual.
Protective carry case


AH-TU4 Manual by PhysiPod V1.03

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